Keeping Down The Cost Of Minibus Insurance

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Published: 30th June 2011
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In these financially challenging times, trimming the cost of anything you buy is practically a necessity. Minibus insurance, like motor insurance of any kind, is a legal requirement but this doesn't mean that its cost can't be reduced. The following eight tips will tell you how to stop your piggy bank becoming underfed.

1: Don't buy unnecessary insurance cover.

Minibus insurance cover should be realistic. To under-insure your minibus is false economy but over-insuring an older, less valuable vehicle is just as foolish. If your minibus is worth under £2,000, for example, there's little point in paying for fully comprehensive insurance cover. Third party, fire, theft and passenger minibus insurance is perfectly adequate for such a vehicle.

2: Don't insure too many drivers

Doing this is another example of over-insuring. Some minibuses are insured for several drivers when just one particular driver is usually at the helm. Your minibus insurance provider will be happy to offer temporary insurance cover for another driver and this will be cheaper than a full year's cover. Remember that, although a 21-year-old can legally drive a minibus, someone of this age will be classed as a younger driver and minibus insurance cover will be more expensive as a result.

3: Avoid making small claims

Minibus insurance policies are subject to an excess. If you have a minor accident and the repair cost is close to the value of the policy's excess, have the repair executed without claiming. Your no claims bonus will remain untouched and your minibus insurance premium will remain unaffected.

4: Keep your speed down

Speeding in any vehicle can be a pricey pursuit. Apart from the obvious penalties of increased fuel consumption and wear on the vehicle, penalty points on your licence if you are caught speeding will adversely affect your minibus insurance premium.

5: Don't park by the roadside at night

If you must do this, put the minibus in a well-lit area. A minibus parked by the kerbside, rather than on a private drive or in a garage, can be a target for thieves, vandals and badly driven passing vehicles.

6: Drive carefully

An obvious point? Perhaps, but bearing in mind that driving safely drastically reduces the chance of an accident should be equally obvious. This again will benefit the survival of your no claims bonus

7: Take a recognised driving course

This represents driving carefully at expert level. Taking a course such as the one offered by the Minibus Drivers Awareness Scheme (MIDAS) can give you a pleasant surprise when the time to renew your minibus insurance comes around. You will probably be entitled to a discount on the premium.

8: Use a specialised minibus insurance provider

Most motor insurance providers can offer insurance cover for virtually anything on wheels. A specialist minibus insurance provider will have the knowledge and experience to offer the best type of insurance cover for your needs, at a tempting price.

9: By not driving distracted

It only takes a moment’s inattention at the wheel to invite an accident. When driving your minibus, never attempt to use your mobile phone or communicate with your passengers via an on-board microphone. Discourage your passengers from talking to you while you’re driving. If the need to adjust a satnav or consult a map arises, find somewhere safe to stop first

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